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There’s a lot of facebook discussion about an article I posted about the recent plane crash in Switzerland. The saga is unfolding and each day brings greater clarity about what happened—but not necessarily why.

From what I read it’s pretty clear he was a troubled young man who desperately needed help. It would appear that recent (and not so recent) events in his life kicked him over the edge. Sadly, it also appears that in Germany–like SO many countries of the world–help for those who are emotionally distressed and suffering from depression falls short of what is needed. I do not sit in judgment here just stating a fact.

Part of the failure to receive the needed help is because those closest to the person either don’t recognize the symptoms or are in denial about the depth of the problem. And so much of the path to help and recovery demands self reporting and honesty about what one is feeling and doing. Sometimes even the person suffering from depression has difficulty defining what is going on in their own lives.  All they know is they don’t “feel good” and it’s hard to find joy and reasons to keep going. Trust me…I know this on a very personal level. Depression is a plague that never fully goes away. It’s always there behind a closed door waiting to jump out and surprise you as you unwittingly open the door and let it out to play with your mind and soul.

But that’s not really the point. There was something that drove him to do what he did. But even if it was just a suicide/murder prompted by underlying emotional issues and nothing more–nothing philosophical—does it “count” as terrorism? I don’t have any clear answer on that.  And on one level it’s just a question of semantics.

Having said that, from where I sit, I think it’s probably clear that for all those passengers flying on that plane who had plans for the next day and loved ones to meet, life to savor and meaningful events going on in their lives and a FUTURE—in the time when they realized something was wrong until it ended—the terror must have been beyond imagination. In my view if that’s not a form of terrorism what is?

So, what is the take away from all of this?  Learn what the symptoms are of depression–a terrorism in and of itself. Get help for yourself and those you love. Don’t be afraid to get involved. Depressed people NEED involvement from those meaningful people in their lives. Listen to your gut and don’t be afraid to take a stand.  You never know who lives you may lose if you don’t.


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Howdy again….

So for anyone who followed me (and anyone who cares)  “I’m back!!”

I’d stopped blogging (I’ll explain why sometime) so long ago that when I went to log in I’d forgotten both my login AND password. Security issues with wordpress meant they couldn’t help me b/c I couldn’t provide them with the information I didn’t know. DAH..that was of no help.  But thanks to a very smart son (thanx Jonny) we’re ready to go steaming ahead again.

Lots to talk about and much to share. I think the world has significantly fallen apart and I have gone through SO MUCH personally I’m curious to see how this all will affect what I write about and how I share my thoughts.  So…stay tuned for more of MY world.  Coming soon to a website near you…

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