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So, I was sitting on the plane for my first flight back from Fort Myers to DC.  As I was pondering who was going to be squeezed into the row of three seats with me I notice the Surfer Ken doll coming down the aisle.  Imagine if you can–a REALLY good looking Owen Wilson with this amazing smile with those cartoon-like “sparkling diamonds” that jump out at you from his really bright white teeth. He moved down the aisle flashing his smile at nearly everyone he passed. I wondered what lucky passenger would be sitting next to him. Wouldn’t you know it somewhat to my dismay Surfer Ken Doll was in the seat next to me!

Despite his disarmingly good looks he was a friendly, approachable guy. I quickly learned he was headed to a convention in Las Vegas. When I cautioned him to keep close tabs on his wallet he assured me gambling wasn’t his vice. As our conversation continued I learned he was a doctor and he jokingly quipped the MD stands for massive debts which was one of the reasons why he didn’t engage in high risk activities like gambling.

Although I never asked him his name I did learn that he paid cash for his beach front home on Marco Island which he doesn’t insure (that’s his vice), that he’s an only child and mom and dad were closing on Friday on their much larger beach front home on the same island just down the beach from his. Their house sits on 20 foot stilts–thankfully the old timers have an elevator–and unlike their son they insure their house.

He also mentioned  he attended medical school in Grenada where he thought he received a comparatively good program to even the best schools in the US–thankfully since it cost just as much as most medical school in the US. He realized after he finished his rotations in the US he really wasn’t cut out for the life of a doctor–the hours were just too brutal. So, he decided to return to his hometown of Naples where he got his contractors license and started a construction company. When asked where he learned how to build houses he told me he learned on the job–it really wasn’t THAT hard.  Okay???  Seems this work went great and he made good money until the economy bombed that is.

So, he put up his tools but what to do?

Seems his dog had the answer.  Surfer Ken didn’t provide all the details but it would appear his best friend who we’ll call Rover had an accident that required a vet to insert a metal plate on his leg. While doing the procedure the vet mentioned the company that made the plate he was repairing Rover’s leg with was actually located across the highway from the veterinary hospital.

“You should check them out–they’re looking for professionals like you for their R & D.”

Well, that’s exactly what Surfer Ken did. He checked them out.  And the rest is history. Surfer Ken is now in the business of selling orthopedic surgical supplies to  surgeons–for dogs and man.

So, what’s the point of this post?  Everyone’s got a story. You just gotta give them a chance to share it.


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