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Waiting is definitely not one of my strong suits. I’m impatient to the extreme.  So, waiting around for my newest grand-daughter to make her debut appearance is a somewhat taxing experience. You’re thankful baby and mother are living in a place with good medical coverage because at your core you’re pretty sure everything is okay. But still…there’s always the nagging concern until the baby is born and you can count all the fingers and toes and check out all systems and baby features that you breathe that sigh of relief…all’s well with the world. But waiting is the name of the game when it comes to babies. Especially first babies.

My oldest boy Danny met his wonderful saint of a wife, Amy, through his sister and her husband Dwight. I think they actually met before Heather and Dwight’s wedding but the interest in hooking them up really got it’s “umph” after their wedding.  Amy is Dwight’s first cousin and her family, indeed her mom in particular, thought Danny would be a great match for Amy. They had a lot of similar interests; and her family knew a fair bit about Danny through the family network and figured he was a decent enough kid and maybe a good match for their Amy. Certainly worth checking out anyway. Indeed, when they finally began seeing one another I recall Danny sharing with me that he hadn’t felt this energized (I think he actually referred to the feeling as “tingling”) when he was around her in a long, long time. It was definitely a good sign and a great beginning.

I never had any doubts about Amy. I knew she’d be fantastic. I recall watching her in a video Heather had taken and was editing of Amy’s sister’s wedding. Oskar, Heather’s son, was about 3 years old at the time and was a part of the wedding party. Not to be outdone by the bride and groom (Heather–yes indeed, Amy’s sister’s name is Heather too–and Dean) Osker was an intrepid little character who had his own agenda during the wedding ceremony intent on capturing his share of video-time and audience attention. Oskar kept his mom Heather busy coping with the dual task of videotaping the wedding while at the same time trying to coax her toddler son into sitting still on the bottom step of the stairs leading up to the podium where the nuptials were in progress.  However, he and the other young lad taking part in the wedding were having none of that. At one point Oskar made his way to the side of Heather-soon-to-be-wife of Dean at which point the minister greatly amused the audience by admonishing the young Oskar at her side that she was “already taken”.  Amy, the maid-of-honor, jumped into action whisked up Oskar into her arms and rocked back and forth with him throughout the rest of the ceremony–much to the delight of Oskar. I mean, if you can’t get the bride–well, then, go for the maid-of-honor right?  Watching her in the video tape I knew then and there she’d make a great mom some day.  Little did I realize she’d be a great mom to my very own grandchild Autumn Heather.

I noticed over the years they’ve been together that Amy is a fantastic partner for my son.  She reads him well and knows better than almost anyone how to keep in step with the beat of the drum that Danny dances to. I am amazed at how adept she is at matching his moods, reading his signals, manuevering the curves that come along in their path through life together. They suit one another well.  And it’s clear to me–and anyone else who takes the time to watch them together–they are going to be fantastic parents.  And we can’t wait.  At least we don’t want to wait any longer.  So, little miss Autumn Heather–make your debut. Get into the game. Bring on your stuff. Mom and dad are ready…that drum is beating….

Mommy is ready. Daddy is ready. The world is ready.


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